Cancer and Tumour Immunology

However, the system could also be ready to mount an attack against the few tumour cells that are spared by the chemotherapeutic agent. There is an increased incidence of malignancies in immuno-deficient patients like AIDS patients who are vulnerable to Kaposi sarcoma and transplant patients who are vulnerable to Epstein Barr virus (EBV)-induced lymphoma.Tumor-specific antibodies and T lymphocytes .Hosts are often specifically immunized against various kinds of tumors demonstrating tumour antigens can elicit an immune response. A tumour that grows in an animal strain also will grow in another animal belonging to an equivalent inbred strain obtained by repeated brother-sister mating’s. These animals express an equivalent MHC molecule and are mentioned as syngeneic. However, most conventional animal populations are allogeneic and have various MHC haplotypes. Thus, a tumour transferred from one animal to a different animal belonging to an outbred strain is rejected due to the allo-MHC instead of the TSTA. A tumour transferred from an animal belonging to at least one species a special">to a different animal belonging to a different species is rapidly rejected because the animals are xenogeneic.



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